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Belgian baby specialist QLEVR GROUP is taking over German company NONOMELLA.

Following the acquisition of Dutch company PUCKABABY last year, Belgian baby specialist QLEVR is
taking over German company NONOMELLA, effective immediately.

QLEVR specialises in innovative sleep and travel products for the littlest ones. As a result of the acquisition, the
group is expanding its current product offering of AEROSLEEP, PUCKABABY and AEROMOOV with two strong
brands: NONOMO and FIDELLA.


QLEVR didn’t set its sights on NONOMELLA by coincidence. The acquisition of PUCKABABY boosted QLEVR’s
growth in 2020 and the company now feels ready to continue its expansion. NONOMELLA also realised
significant growth over the last two years thanks to the launch of a number of unique high-quality products. The
know-how of the German company and its future-oriented approach dovetail perfectly with the international
ambitions of the Belgian QLEVR GROUP, who can now shift into higher gear on the German market as well.


Thanks to its premium quality and innovative character, NONOMELLA’s product offering also fits in seamlessly
with the current QLEVR range. Like AEROMOOV, FIDELLA, with its firm baby wraps and baby carriers in stylish
designs, offers practical solutions for parents who are out and about with their baby or young children.
Like the AEROSLEEP and PUCKABABY products, NONOMO’s innovative swinging hammocks provide a unique
solution that gives the littlest ones a restful and safe night’s sleep.


NONOMELLA CEO Katharina Kullick: “I believe very strongly in this acquisition. In light of the complementarity of
both companies it also makes perfect sense. I am convinced that our combined expertise and the fact that our
products are now part of a larger baby expert family will further accelerate our growth.”

The NONOMELLA acquisition also fits in with QLEVR’s ambitions in terms of content: offer parents smart, responsible and genuine solutions so they can enjoy life with their baby or young children to the fullest.

Steven Vanbelle, Managing Director of QLEVR: “Obviously the NONOMELLA acquisition brings a number of unique
opportunities. First of all, we are considerably expanding our expertise in terms of baby products and we now also offer
five strong brands for parents. The acquisition is also a step up for our retail and production partners. By expanding our
offering we are increasingly growing into a long-term partner for our target audience, not in the least for the parents that our products can unburden and support throughout the entire infant and toddler stage of their children’s lives.”

QLEVR’s headquarters remain firmly rooted in the province of East Flanders while NONOMELLA’s offices will act as the
staging point for the German market. Katharina Kullick will continue to oversee QLEVR’s activities in Germany.


QLEVR is a leading brand group in the baby sector with its headquarters in Erembodegem. The company was
founded more than two decades ago and is active in more than 15 countries with the AeroSleep, Puckababy and
AeroMoov brands. QLEVR specialises in innovative sleep and travel products for the littlest ones, helping parents
enjoy life with their young children to the fullest. The company is headed by a team of young parents that puts
great stock in ethical entrepreneurship. Only sustainable products that have been tested extensively according to
scientific methods and that meet actual consumer needs are included in the range.

About Nonomella

Nonomella GmbH consists of a young, committed, diversified and international team based in Gelsenkirchen.
Nonomella: the name of our fast-growing company is a contraction of the two international brands NONOMO®
and Fidella®. The company is active in over 30 countries. Nonomella focuses strongly on sustainable materials. By
using organic cotton, shipping climate neutrally and choosing climate friendly packaging, Nonomella conduces to
leave a footprint as ecological as possible.

About Dovesco

Dovesco invests in mid-sized companies in a close partnership with shareholders, entrepreneurs and
management teams. The group focuses on long-term growth, the generation of sustainable value creation and
ensuring the continuity of the companies in which it invests. Dovesco is a subsidiary of the Domo Investment
Group. Founded in 2010, Dovesco meanwhile has a stake in 15 promising companies.


More information:

Steven Vanbelle
Managing Director
Tel : +32 (0) 54 31 94 94
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