Early life starters.

Every parent creates a future. That future is our passion. QLEVR unites 3 strong brands offering products with a true added value for babies and young children. Our QLEVR products are spot on and meet real, existing needs. Relevant innovation is key in our product development. Driven by a continuous desire to innovate, we keep searching for new possibilities and develop products based on profound research in young parents’ wishes. Most of us working at QLEVR have small children of their own, which makes us the perfect field experts. We challenge ourselves every day to make sure every little detail is exactly right.

The QLEVR brands:

AeroSleep is THE safe sleeping expert for babies. More than 1 million infants sleep on AeroSleep worldwide. Thanks to the unique 3D-structure in the mattress protector, babies, toddlers and young children are sleeping in the most safe and hygienic circumstances.


It’s a fact: no life without sleep. Because of this basic need, it is our mission to design products that help babies, toddlers and preschoolers sleep well. With a complete collection, offering cradles and wraps, sleeping bags and luxurious accessories, Puckababy has conquered a rock solid place in the market and in many homes with its beautiful products.

The moment your baby is born is when the real adventure begins. You want to take them everywhere because every experience counts. AeroMoov products keep your baby comfortable and secure as you go out together, in the city and off the beaten track. Our practical designs make life simpler. So that you and your baby have time for more friends, more adventures… more life.